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Policy Forum Pod

Policy Forum Pod is the podcast of Policy Forum.net - Asia and the Pacific's platform for public policy debate, analysis and discussion. Policy Forum is based at Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University.

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    Podcast: Women in politics and policy

    This week’s Policy Forum Pod tackles crucial questions regarding women in politics and policy. Why should we care about gender balance? What hurdles do women face in reaching senior positions in politics and policy-making? And what role do men play in all of this?

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    Podcast: A social insecurity system

    This week’s Policy Forum Pod delves deeper into the problems of punitive welfare systems, the caustic language we hear when talking about job seekers, and the role that labour policy plays in creating sustainable solutions.

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    Is every billionaire a policy failure?

    On Policy Forum Pod this week, we take a look at whether every billionaire is a policy failure, what the immense wealth of some tells us about income inequality, the role of philanthropy, and governments’ duty in ensuring fairness in society.

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    The policy and politics of refugees and asylum seekers

    On Policy Forum Pod this week, we talk about refugees and asylum seekers policy – both in a global context and in Australia – while also discussing the extreme politicisation of these issues and the consequences that this has brought.

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    A war on drugs, or a war on drug users?

    This week’s Policy Forum Pod takes a look at drug policy – from Reagan’s War on Drugs to pill testing and the New South Wales’ governments’ “war on music festivals”, and asks the experts whether there are better ways to approach a thorny policy issue.

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    A Pacific-specific approach to regionalism

    This week on the pod we take a look at regional cooperation amongst the Pacific Islands and the challenges they face in coordinating policy efforts.

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    Australia's environmental performance review

    In the first episode of Policy Forum Pod of 2019, experts from the OECD discuss their new report looking at Australia’s environmental challenges and performance.

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    Ghosts of policy past, present and future

    In this final Policy Forum Pod of the year, we hear from dozens of voices across the policy research community about what policymakers got right and wrong over 2018, and what could be done better in 2019.

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    The Brief: Women in politics

    How can Australia create more space for female representation? This week on The Brief, we take a look at whether the tide is turning for women in politics and the media.

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    Preventing and punishing genocide

    Can the world do better than the Genocide Convention? This week’s Policy Forum Pod takes a look at how the international community can get better not only at bringing the perpetrators of genocide to justice, but preventing atrocities before they occur.

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