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Policy Forum Pod

Policy Forum Pod is the podcast of Policy Forum.net - Asia and the Pacific's platform for public policy debate, analysis and discussion. Policy Forum is based at Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University.

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    The Brief: Women in politics

    How can Australia create more space for female representation? This week on The Brief, we take a look at whether the tide is turning for women in politics and the media.

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    Preventing and punishing genocide

    Can the world do better than the Genocide Convention? This week’s Policy Forum Pod takes a look at how the international community can get better not only at bringing the perpetrators of genocide to justice, but preventing atrocities before they occur.

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    Water justice

    This week’s Policy Forum Pod takes a look at how Australia can navigate the deep currents of environmental policy and water justice for Australia’s First Peoples.

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    Why prevention policies fail

    Early intervention sounds great in theory – so what happens in practice? On this week’s Policy Forum Pod, Paul Cairney and Gemma Carey take a look at the challenge of defining, designing and realising preventative policies.

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    The Brief: Sanctioning Myanmar

    This week on The Brief, former Australian Ambassador to Myanmar Trevor Wilson looks at whether international pressure could help break the Rohingya stalemate.

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    A vision for the North

    On this week’s Policy Forum Pod, Peter Yu looks at how to add cultural substance to Australia’s vacuous policy history when it comes to the development of its northern region.

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